Convince Your Audience.

Convince Your Audience with Copywriting

Now that your ideal customer has landed on your website through one of your marketing or advertising channels, how do you get them to convert? Copywriting is about writing text, or copy with the goal of enticing the reader to follow a certain path, or take a certain action.

To convince your visitors to convert, you need them to read the copy (obviously). Copy that is dull and complex doesn’t hold the readers interest, and if they don’t read your content they, surprise, won’t convert.

So, what is great copywriting?

We know, you’re an expert at what you do, and you know all the jargon and buzzwords for your industry. But your readers don’t, and they won’t be impressed by this either. Instead of impressing your readers, you can confuse and overwhelm them, and ultimately cause them to drop off the site. And you don’t want that. Great copy should be relatable to the user.

Scroll through websites offering similar services and sometimes, it can be hard to determine what the difference is between the competitors. Have you done this for your own brand? If you haven’t we highly recommend trying it, you might be surprised with the results. So, what makes you different? Communicating what sets you apart through your company’s style and culture, can make you stand out from the crowd. You should try it, fitting in was never cool anyways.

The bigger the better, right? False news. No matter how engaging your content is, sometimes users are hard pressed for time. Don’t waste their time by adding a whole bunch of fluff words and jumbling things up. Great copy knows when to take the “elevator pitch” route.

When was the last time you thought, “Yeah! That’s me!” when you were on a webpage? That’s what great copy does. By knowing your industry and target market, and your benefits, great copy (holds your users hand as they walk through the conversion door) walks with your users through the conversion door.

Research is the cornerstone of great copy. Copywriting requires the writer to jump in head first to the industry they are writing about. It dives into your market, your customers, and your industry. Creating a strategy and plan allows you to fit the puzzle pieces that is each web page, and marketing collateral together. By asking, what can the reader relate to, and what problems do they need solved, you can drive conversions by convincing the readers of your level of expertise and convincing the reader that you are the expert they need.

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“The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.” – Leo Burnett

Step 1


The goal of copy is to convince and convert your web visitors to customers. Setting the goal of your copy and what you want to convey allows us to have a meaningful discussion about your desired outcome and allows us to have a focused approach when conducting research.

Step 2


We will discuss your offerings and harness your expertise to create your unique branded copy. This step might also include independent research.

Step 3


We will draft the overall architecture of the content to create copy that entices your visitors.

Step 4


Once the outline is complete, we will make any changes to clearly communicate your brand’s voice.

Step 5


It’s all about the details. Once your content is set, we can add basic search engine optimization techniques to keep your newly created content, if implemented on your website*.

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