Drive Your Audience.

Drive Your Audience with Web Design

You’re new to the area, and need to find a new hair salon. So you take to the search engines to begin the hunt for a new hairstylist. You read a few reviews on Yelp, and decide on a place. They have solid reviews, are close to your house, and are open on the weekends, which works with you schedule.

You know that prices vary a lot for haircuts, but you don’t want to spend more than 40 dollars for the haircut alone. Plus, you might want a conditioning treatment.. You don’t want to call and ask how much everything costs because it makes you look cheap, so you go to their website..and click on pricing…nevermind, there’s no menu on their site. All you see is a static one page site for their business.

This situation, or something similar, happens all too often. Whether you aren’t updating information, don’t have a site, or have a basic website, we can identify whether your business’s website could use a freshening up. We work with you to create the best website for your marketing strategy.

This includes evaluating your current positioning, and what keywords you should be using with the goal of raising your rankings and targeting relevant searches that will convert on your site.

This includes meta tags, meta descriptions and alt attributes. The meta tags and meta description are what appear on the serp so making them relevant and enticing through cta’s is a key part of success.

Are your images optimized for the new format? Are they compressed without loss? Using alt attributes can feed extra info to google about what the images are about.

Guide your web visitors through the conversion process with internal linking. Internal linking links content on one page to another page. This can create a hierarchy for your webpages. The goal of internal linking to keep the user on your site for a longer period of time and educate them more on your services and process.

Receive Your Personalized Proposal

“Good design is like a refrigerator—when it works, no one notices, but when it doesn’t, it sure stinks.” – Irene Au

Step 1

Research & Audit

You wouldn’t buy a new storefront without evaluating what you truly need and what your competitors are doing. We will audit your current online presence and your competitors to see what is essential for your business’s digital success.

Step 2

Planning & Strategy

We will submit a recommendation plan for your site that will include what your site architecture will look like, along with the visual style of the site.

Step 3


Once the plan is approved, we will create the site according to the decided plan. This will include fine-tuning of the site before launch.

Step 4


Once the site is created and approved, we will launch the site to your domain.

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