Web Design: 3 Ways A Poorly Designed Site Can Affect Your Business

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May 29, 2015
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Web Design: 3 Ways A Poorly Designed Site Can Affect Your Business



1. Not Enough Text and Too Many Images

Whoever said “a picture is worth a thousand words” never dealt with SEO. Images are great for your web site, but those awesome graphics are only great if people will see them. If you sacrifice content on your site for images, this could affect your Google ranking, making it harder for potential clients to find your business because traditionally, images don’t boost your ranking. Even worse, GoogleBot, Google’s web crawling bot has the ability to lower your ranking if your site is overloaded with images.
Solution: While overloading your site with too many images is never good for SEO purposes, by utilizing the method HERE you can ensure that GoogleBot will be able to grab the relevant keywords to your site.


2. Not Properly Optimized for Mobile

Mobile devices have changed the way we live our lives, including the way we shop.

Mobile activity has surpassed desktop usage, with mobile activity rising to 60% of the total time as desktop usage has sunk to 40% (SOURCE: comScore, 2014). It is vital to ensure that your website, as well as your ecommerce site is fully optimized for mobile devices. By providing consumers with a mobile optimized web site, your business will be viewed as up to date, and relevant, ensuring that consumers can navigate your site properly while seeing all your brand has to offer.
Solution: Most mobile browsers can’t read flash and won’t display on a mobile device, so by simply removing any flash players and animations from your site, you will be on your way to a mobile optimized website.


3. Poor Page Speed

In our fast-paced society, a new level of responsiveness is required to meet the demands for the modern day consumer. Customers want quick answers and quick solutions in a quick time frame. Your website may often be the first brand exposure for your consumer, and a site with a slow load time can equal a high bounce rate.
Solution: Don’t know if your website suffers from slow page speed? Click HERE to find out your page speed score, and ask your web developer to implement the steps Google outlines to improve your page speed.

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